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Clear, puristic designs with sensually aesthetic colours, straightforward yet sophisticated: that is the new HIGH LINE collection by VOSSEN. It is made for everyone who appreciates timeless purism and modern, urban living. The perfect combination of cotton and Tencel® make the towels extremely absorbent, gentle on the skin and sustainable to produce.  Tencel® – the environmentally friendly, economical fibre of the future.Air, water and soil make trees grow, and TENCEL® is produced from those very renewable raw materials.
Was £3.99 Now from £1.99 inc VAT
THE WORLD’S FIRST CERTIFIED VEGAN TOWEL COLLECTION.  The VEGAN LIFE Collection is VOSSEN’S first towel collection to be manufactured entirely without animal products. In traditional textile manufacture, and during the production of conventional towels, the use of animal products is standard. The aim at VOSSEN was to develop a towel that is 100 % plant-based, in order to make a contribution to a better world. The collection is 100 % vegan and has been certified by the European Vegetarian Union. VEGAN LIFE has an urban, timeless design and is available in several stylish colours. GENTLE ON THE SKIN. GENTLE ON NATURE. 
Was £3.75 Now from £1.75 inc VAT