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2502 Cotton Vest2502 Cotton Vest
2502 Cotton Vest
Women's Undervest by NATURANA. Part of the cotton collection.  It's very breathable and absorbent.  A 100% fine-ribbed undershirt with fine floral embroidery around the neckline.  This product is also long enough to cover the bottom.
£9.50 inc VAT
802530 Cotton Vest 2 Pack
802530 Cotton Vest 2 Pack
Naturana 2 Pack Built Up Shoulder Cotton Vest Style: 802530. Colour: White. Women's undervest/undershirt by Naturana. Made of 100% cotton. Flattering and skin-friendly. Floral embroidery around the neckline provides a fine elegance. Wide straps.
£13.99 inc VAT