Mattresses by Relyon

Renowned for creating 'the best beds in the world', Relyon have a reputation that has been earned and protected for over 150 years.  Relyon not only make the most comfortable beds - they create years of wonderful, restful nights' sleep for every customer.  Their mattresses combine traditional skills with some of the world's finest materials to create an outstanding choice of handmade products.



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Relyon Radiance Comfort 1000 Mattress
The Radiance Comfort 1000 provides all the ingredients for an unsurpassed night of slumber. A combination of 1000 individually pocketed springs and a sumptuous filling layer, all topped off with a deep quilted fabric.
Was £427.00 Now from £299.00 inc VAT
Relyon Draycott 2400 Pocket Mattress
Satsifyingly deep and sumptuous upholstered, the Relyon Draycott 2400 epitomises the commitment to hand crafted excellence.
Was £2,499.00 Now from £1,670.00 inc VAT

Relyon Coniston Natural Wool 2200 Mattress
The Coniston is a handcrafted no turn pocket sprung mattress which combines sensuous softness of natural wool with a satisfyingly supportive feel.  It is warm in winter and cool in summer and will enhance the quality of your sleep.  Traditionally hand tufted with wool tufts which ensure all loose fillings are secured to provide the perfect finish to your mattress.  
Was £856.00 Now from £599.00
Relyon Ullswater Natural Silk 2900 Mattress
The most luxurious mattress in the Natural Collection from Relyon. The Ullswater Natural Silk 2900 mattress has a combined spring count of 2900 from the pocket springs in the heart of the mattress and mini pocket springs in the pillowtop layer.  These help to distribute weight evenly, minimising pressure on the body and resulting in an undisturbed night’s sleep.  The cashmere and silk layers elevate the levels of plush comfort in this truly sumptuous mattress.  Traditionally hand tufted with wool tufts which ensure all loose fillings are secured to provide the perfect finish to your mattress.   
Was £1,027.00 Now from £719.00

Relyon Royal Eltham Pocket 1400 Mattress
Designed to provide firmer luxury support, the Royal Eltham is an elegant mattress upholstered with copious amounts of cotton, cashmere, lambswool and silk.
Was £999.00 Now from £699.00 inc VAT
Relyon Royal Osborne Pocket 2000 Mattress
The twin layers of pocket springs in the Royal Osborne combine with the hair rich luxurious natural upholstery for a brilliantly supportive and lofty mattress.
Was £1,541.00 Now from £1,079.00 inc VAT

Relyon Ortho Turn Pocket 1500 Mattress
The Ortho Turn Pocket 1500 mattress from Relyon offers firmer orthopaedic support which is cleverly achieved by combining supportive pocketed springs with generous layers of luxurious natural cotton fillings.
Was £784.00 Now from £549.00
Relyon Intense Ortho 800 Mattress
The Relyon Intense Ortho 800 is handcrafted with 800 pocketed springs and ultimate support layers, designed to provide a firm but relaxing experience of pure slumber. Treated with Bio-Protect fabric treatment, it is incredibly durable due to its firm support insulators.
Was £427.00 Now from £299.00 inc VAT