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City Life Dog TrainerCity Life Dog Trainer
City Life Dog Trainer
City Life dog trainer with four dog "students". Dog breeds include: German Shepherd and Shepherd Puppy, Golden Retriever, and Border Collie
£10.99 inc VAT
City Life Purrfect Stay Cat BoardingCity Life Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding
City Life Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding
-The interior and exterior area are connected by a swinging pet door.  In the interior, a suspended branch connects several climbing and hiding places.  Some of the included cats can hide in the caves.  The cat litter box can be cleaned with the cleaning kit (shovel and bucket).  Outside, a large climbing tree with lounge chairs invites the cats to romp and relax.  The included label sheet contains ten sets of paws, which can be used to decorate the walls of the building as desired.  One of the kittens or the gray, seated cat can be transported in the portable cat basket.
£19.99 inc VAT

Dino Hovercraft with Underwater MotorDino Hovercraft with Underwater Motor
Dino Hovercraft with Underwater Motor
Set out on an exciting chase with the Playmobil Dino Hovercraft with Underwater Motor. The hovercraft can float on water and the included underwater motor can be attached to propel the boat along. The set also includes a raptor and a storage box, perfect for transporting precious dino eggs. With lots of exciting accessories and 2 Playmobil figures.  
£19.99 inc VAT
Egyptian Treasure Carry CaseEgyptian Treasure Carry Case
Egyptian Treasure Carry Case
Travel back in time and learn all about the Egyptians with the Playmobil History Egyptian Treasure Carry Case (9542). The set features many exciting pieces, including an Egyptian bust, a mummy and 2 Playmobil Egyptians. All pieces fit into the handy carry case to be taken for on-the-go fun.The set features 22 pieces.
£14.99 inc VAT

Family at the BeachFamily at the Beach
Family at the Beach
Figures: 1 woman, 1 man, 1 baby Accessories: 1 beach section with beach shell, 3 sandcastles, 1 shell (8 pieces), 1 crab, 1 starfish, 1 surfboard, 1 parasol, 1 beach bag, 1 bath towel, 1 bucket, 1 rake, 1 shovel, 1 toy ship, 1 baby cap, 1 baby bottle, 1 cosmetic bottle, 1 hair bow.   Recommended for ages 4+
£18.99 inc VAT
Floating Police SeaplaneFloating Police Seaplane
Floating Police Seaplane
Inside the aircraft there is room for two figures and one suitcase.  The seaplane can float and both propellers can rotate.In the front area of the aircraft there is an eyelet to which a cord can be attached.  The night vision device of the figure can be swivelled up and down.
£19.99 inc VAT

Horse-Drawn WagonHorse-Drawn Wagon
Horse-Drawn Wagon
The Playmobil Country Horse Drawn Wagon 6932 carries two excited children through the countryside. The driver wearing a protective sun hats drives the wagon along with a basket of fruit. The horse can be removed from the wagon so the driver can ride it. Includes three Playmobil figures and accessories.
£15.99 inc VAT
Horseback RideHorseback Ride
Horseback Ride
The Playmobil Country Horseback Ride 6947 features a stream for the horses to drink from during a busy day trekking. The team consists of an adult with two children learning to ride their ponies. There are lots of woodland animals keeping a look out and enjoying the weather. The set includes one adult Playmobil figure with horse, and two children with their ponies.
£15.99 inc VAT

Picnic with Pony WagonPicnic with Pony Wagon
Picnic with Pony Wagon
On the loading area the picnic basket and the cover are stowed away. The tarpaulin of the carriage is removable.  There is space on the bench for two child figures which are fixed with the help of a foot clamp.  All picnic utensils, like the new picnic basket, the cover, the child guitar and the catering can be stowed away.  The tarpaulin of the carriage can be removed.  The picnic cover can be used as a blanket.  The pony can be rode by a child figure without a saddle.
£11.99 inc VAT
Playmobil 5656 Country Collectable Large Combing Horse Mane Carry CasePlaymobil 5656 Country Collectable Large Combing Horse Mane Carry Case
Playmobil 5656 Country Collectable Large Combing Horse Mane Carry Case
Groom your horse to perfection with the Fantasy Horse Carry Case. This easy, take-along case comes with an enchanting horse with lifelike mane and tail that kids can actually brush. Simply use the enclosed brush to smooth out the mane and then decorate it with flower blossom barrettes.
£14.99 inc VAT

Playmobil 9103 Family Picnic Carry CasePlaymobil 9103 Family Picnic Carry Case
Playmobil 9103 Family Picnic Carry Case
Enjoy the perfect day with the Playmobil Family Fun Family Picnic Large Carry Case 9103. This large take-along case gives you everything you need for the ideal picnic, including a blanket, food, and toys! Thanks to the tricycle and stroller, the whole family can join in for this fun afternoon outing. When playtime is over, simply store the pieces inside the case for next time!
£14.99 inc VAT
Playmobil 9441 Special Plus Knight with CannonPlaymobil 9441 Special Plus Knight with Cannon
Playmobil 9441 Special Plus Knight with Cannon
With a functioning cannon that can be loaded with the projectiles and fired by actuating the trigger.  When not in use, the projectiles can be attached to the side of the cannon and transported.  The cannon can be pulled by the figure at the handles.
£3.99 inc VAT

Playmobil 9473 Magic Yeti with Sleigh with Luminous LanternPlaymobil 9473 Magic Yeti with Sleigh with Luminous Lantern
Playmobil 9473 Magic Yeti with Sleigh with Luminous Lantern
Tour the magical world of the Crystal Kingdom with the Playmobil 9473 Magic Yeti with Sleigh with Luminous Lantern play set. The flickering lantern will light up all the beautiful corners of the Winter World as you travel through on the sleigh and, if you come across and gems, store them in the glass crystal case. Includes a Yeti, 2 Playmobil figures and accessories.
£21.99 inc VAT
Policewoman with Balance RacerPolicewoman with Balance Racer
Policewoman with Balance Racer
Zoom into action with the exhilarating City Action Policewoman from Playmobil! This fun police figure comes with a balance racer, so she’s ready to dash around the city and help save the day. Get ready for action and adventure with this exciting toy and join this Playmobil Policewoman as she fights crime! Prepare to create fast-paced adventures with this Playmobil Policewoman figure!
£6.99 inc VAT

Space Mars Research Vehicle + AttachmentsSpace Mars Research Vehicle + Attachments
Space Mars Research Vehicle + Attachments
With various equipment for examining the surface of Mars. The tool arm comes with interchangeable attachments - a gripper, drill bit and defense mechanisms. Includes functioning lights and sounds (2 x AAA batteries required). Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.7 x 7.1 in (LxWxH).
£34.99 inc VAT
Special Plus PaddleboarderSpecial Plus Paddleboarder
Special Plus Paddleboarder
Enjoy a relaxing day on the beach with the Playmobil Special Plus Paddleboarder (9354). This collectible figure is joined by her pooch to enjoy the waves on their board.  The life jacket is removable.  Depending on the rotation of the foot clamp, an adult or a child figure can stand on the surfboard.
£3.99 inc VAT