Striped Wool

From the bold stripes of the Camelot and San Salvador Stripe ranges to the more subtle Seville Stripes, the striped wool carpet collection at Barsleys will enliven your home.  

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Coloured brown on the Tube map, the colourways of our multi-striped Bakerloo all feature a range of natural shades: browns alternating with greys and beiges. Bakerloo is our distinguished stripe, perfect to combine with the Centre Point plains in our Tube Collection. Protect your new carpet today with our Wool Owners Warranty for spillages, stains and all of life’s little disasters! Simply head to the WOW website today to register your details and keep your Telenzo carpet spotless. For long-lasting, durable carpet and fabric protector, look no further than Intec. Available at an additional cost of £3.50/m2 RRP, Intec forms an invisible and highly effective barrier against water and oil-based stains, giving you peace of mind over your Telenzo carpet.
Seville StripesSeville Stripes
Seville Stripes
Seville Stripes is a range of striped wool loop carpets. There are 22 striped options in 4m width only. This great value loop is made from 100% British wool and is supported by the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW).  The Seville Striped range is designed to coordinate with the plain Seville. Part of the range can be browsed here, to see the entire colour bank please come into the store.