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Camping Carry Case L
Camping Adventure Carry Case Product No.: 9323 Sleep among the stars with the Camping Adventure Carry Case. You can spend the day canoeing down the river or stop to catch a fish for dinner. Before you head to bed, share exciting stories around the campfire. When playtime is over, simply store the pieces inside the case for next time! Set includes two campers, tent, canoe, campfire, backpacks, binoculars, fish, and other accessories.
Was £14.99 Now £9.99 inc VAT
Christmas Carry Case LChristmas Carry Case L
Christmas Carry Case L
Christmas Carry Case Product No.: 70312
£16.99 inc VAT

City Action Fire Rescue BoatCity Action Fire Rescue Boat
City Action Fire Rescue Boat
Fire Rescue Boat Product No.: 70147
£29.99 inc VAT
Dino Hovercraft with Underwater MotorDino Hovercraft with Underwater Motor
Dino Hovercraft with Underwater Motor
Set out on an exciting chase with the Playmobil Dino Hovercraft with Underwater Motor. The hovercraft can float on water and the included underwater motor can be attached to propel the boat along. The set also includes a raptor and a storage box, perfect for transporting precious dino eggs. With lots of exciting accessories and 2 Playmobil figures.  
£19.99 inc VAT

Doctor and Patient Duo Pack
Doctor and Patient Product No.: 70079
Was £4.99 Now £3.50 inc VAT
Fairy with Deer SP+Fairy with Deer SP+
Fairy with Deer SP+
Fairy with Deer Product No.: 70059
£3.99 inc VAT

Girl with PonySP+Girl with PonySP+
Girl with PonySP+
Girl with Pony Product No.: 70060
£3.99 inc VAT
Horse-Drawn WagonHorse-Drawn Wagon
Horse-Drawn Wagon
The Playmobil Country Horse Drawn Wagon 6932 carries two excited children through the countryside. The driver wearing a protective sun hats drives the wagon along with a basket of fruit. The horse can be removed from the wagon so the driver can ride it. Includes three Playmobil figures and accessories.
£15.99 inc VAT

Kayak Adventure STPK
StarterPack Kayak Adventure Product No.: 70035 The canoe and the bouys float. Canoe dimensions: 19,5 x 4,5 x 2,5 cm (LxWxH)
Was £13.99 Now £9.99 inc VAT
Knights Treasure Battle STPK
StarterPack Knight's Treasure Battle Product No.: 70036 with functioning crossbow.
Was £13.99 Now £9.99 inc VAT

Mermaid Carry Case LMermaid Carry Case L
Mermaid Carry Case L
Magical Mermaids Carry Case Product No.: 9324
£14.99 inc VAT
Paediatricians Office STPK
StarterPack Pediatrician's Office Product No.: 70034 The doctor's practice is equipped with a foldable patient couch and a height-adjustable leveling board.
Was £13.99 Now £9.99 inc VAT

Pirates Pirate with CannonPirates Pirate with Cannon
Pirates Pirate with Cannon
Pirate with Cannon Product No.: 70415
£9.99 inc VAT
Pirates Treasure Raider Large Carry CasePirates Treasure Raider Large Carry Case
Pirates Treasure Raider Large Carry Case
Pirate Raider Carry Case Product No.: 9102
£14.99 inc VAT

Playmobil 9441 Special Plus Knight with CannonPlaymobil 9441 Special Plus Knight with Cannon
Playmobil 9441 Special Plus Knight with Cannon
With a functioning cannon that can be loaded with the projectiles and fired by actuating the trigger.  When not in use, the projectiles can be attached to the side of the cannon and transported.  The cannon can be pulled by the figure at the handles.
£3.99 inc VAT
Rescue Firefighters Duo PackRescue Firefighters Duo Pack
Rescue Firefighters Duo Pack
Rescue Firefighters Product No.: 70081
£4.99 inc VAT

Super Set Family GardenSuper Set Family Garden
Super Set Family Garden
SuperSet Family Garden Product No.: 70010 with enclosure for small animals, pickable flowers, vegetable patch and children's play equipment. Dimensions: 23,5 x 18,5 x 10,5 cm (LxWxH)
£19.99 inc VAT